About The Artist

Ginjer Jar began 12 years ago and has been an incredible journey and a full time job for more then a decade.  I have been so fortunate to work with stores all across the country. I am honoured to have had the opportunities it has created as well as humbled by those who are wearing my pieces. The line is grounded in the Talismanic properties of the stones and charms they contain and then truly entwined with maker’s spirit. Naturally these match the roots of our Arrow and Axe General Store...the flagship home of for her jewelry and Arrow and Axe creations.. www.arrowandaxe.ca

Denai is the feminine half of Arrow and Axe General Store. She is an artist, a lover, a mother and a gypsy soul. She is a weaver of paints, metals, and stones. She wishes she was a word smith, a musician, a magician and more......

"I want the viewer and the wearer to be infused with the vital potency of color and the grounding force of nature."